Fantasy Sup Rules - How to play


Fantasy sup puts you in charge! You’re the Manager of your SUP Team. 

Select athletes you think will perform best for each Men’s and Women’s event. Their real results count as points for your fantasy team; win by earning the most points of the entire 2019 Sup season showed in the Fantasy Sup Agenda.

Build Your Team

Each team manager can choose eight athletes, without exceeding their $100,000,000 salary cap. Before each event, athletes values may increase or decrease, but the cost of your salary cap is the cost when you purchased your athlete. Athletes values can change throughout the 2018 sup season depending on athletes results and race participating. If you trade out an athlete, you must buy him back at the current rate, which may be different than the price you originally bought that athlete at. After making your selections, your Team has automatically be locked in, you don't need to hit any button to save the front line. For Women’s Fantasy Sup, teams are made up of six athletes with an $80,000,000 salary cap. All other rules are the same. Each manager will also be given an additional slot designated for a "Reserve". In the case that one of your team members does not compete in an event because they are injured or withdraw, your reserve will be swapped in. Only athletes in the lowest price bracket will be allowed in the reserve slot. This will ensure that a no-show or unforeseen injury won’t completely ruin your overall team points. The "Reserve" spot does NOT carry over from event to event, so you'll have to re-select your alternate spot for every event.

Sup Trading

After each event, each manager will be permitted to make trades before the next event starts. The player can make as many changes as he/she wants before the start of next event, provided that the cumulative dollar value of the surfers at the time they were added does not exceed the $100,000,000 salary cap, $80,000,000 salary cap for women. This should help prevent any accidental drops of athletes that have changed in value. After making your selections, your Team front line automatically gets locked in. All trading will be closed at the start of the event showed in the countdown in PROFILE, and open again at the end of that event. In other words, trading is disabled when the actual event is being contested.

Point Scoring

Athletes points are based on finishing position in each of the 2019 events showed in the Fantasy Sup Agenda. All athletes will score between 30 and 300 points. Whenever one of your athletes scores points, your team scores points. Obviously, the more points your team scores for each event, the better. Each team will be awarded the cumulative total points for the eight athletes selected for the current 2018 event present in the Fantasy Sup Agenda. Here’s the formula for Men’s and Women's Fantasy Sup:

Finish : Points

  • 1 : 300
  • 2 : 250
  • 3 : 220
  • 4 : 200
  • 5 : 185
  • 6 : 170
  • 7 : 160
  • 8 : 150
  • 9 : 140
  • 10 : 130
  • 11 : 120
  • 12 : 110
  • 13 : 100
  • 14 : 95
  • 15 : 90
  • 16 : 85
  • 17 : 80
  • 18 : 75
  • 19 : 70
  • 20 : 65
  • 21 : 60
  • 22 : 55
  • 23 : 50
  • 24 : 45
  • 25 : 40
  • 26 : 38
  • 27 : 36
  • 28 : 34
  • 29 : 32
  • 30 : 30

Only the Top 30 positions yield points. Zero points are given for athlete not ranking in the top 30 or be disqualified or not participating in the event.

Tie break

Ties will be broken after each event by comparing each owner’s top scoring athlete for the event just completed. If the tie is still not broken, this process continues with the second top scoring athlete and so forth down the team until the tie is broken. If the two tied winners have the exact same scores for all eight of their athlete then their total event-to-date points will be used to break the tie. If they are still tied after this, then the participant with the highest current balance in his/her cash account will win. Your team’s overall standing will be determined by adding up your team scores for each event. The overall winner of the Fantasy Sup game is the team that accumulates the highest fantasy points for the best fourteen events. Ties for overall positions will be resolved the same way that ties are broken after each event, using the final event results. In the rare event that two or more teams tie for the Final Leaderboard, the winner will be the team with the earliest registration date.

That sounds confusing? Just play!

If you have any questions, shoot them over to where we'll be happy to answer. Good luck and enjoy!

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