Red Bull Heavy Water Results - Leaderboard Updated

Dear Fantasy Suppers,

The App World Tour - Red Bull Heavy Water, has been for sure one of the most epic race ever seen thanks to the XL swell in San Francisco. Check the new Leaderboard Updated.

The viking Casper Steinfath claimed for the second straight time the men's title, just in front of the French Arthur Arutkin and the Hawaiian Mo Freitas. Only 8 paddlers completed the entire race, for the others has been given all a ninth position cause the competition was called off due to deteriorating conditions before they could finish.

This year marked the first time women paddled in the competition. The Aussie Terrene Black had mede the most headway to break through the seemingly impenetrable surf at Ocean Beach to be awarded 1st place by Race Officials. The other girls were awarded all with a second position.

Stay tuned for the next challenge, the Sup Surf competition in Barbados from the next November 15th.

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