Fantasy Sup Attacked By Hackers

Dear Fantasy Suppers,

During the last week, just before San Sebastian Paddle Tour, some hackers entered into our Fantasy Sup database and deletes all the values on the Male Leaderboard. Fortunately, only the male Leaderboard has been attacked. Our web developers tried to back up the page but the Hacker's effects have been too deep to restore the points.

What happens now? First of all Fantasy Sup Team would send our sincere APOLOGIES to all the players. This game is for you and we are really sorry about what happened. In the second, we have already provided to improve the security on our website to prevent future hackers' bouts.

To make it simple on the male leaderboard we left only the correct values from San Sebastian Paddle Tour. For the first five races, we decided to give every player the same points of 970. So the best scores of the race in San Sebastian are actually leading the ranking.

We are really sad about what happened, but this made us work more hard to improve the one and only Fantasy Sup Game.

Keep playing, Bilbao World Sup Challenge is over the corner and nobody will stop us to get fun with Fantasy Sup.

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