Fantasy Sup Statistics

Dear Fantasy Suppers,

Check the renewed Fantasy Sup Statistics page! We updated our database with all the statistics of athletes competing in Fantasy Sup Agenda races. In Statistics you find the athletes ranking, with the highest and average points. If you click on any athlete name, an individual Statistics page will appear.

There you find all the info about any athlete:

- The country

- The Fantasy Sup value
- The highest score
- The average score
- The main sponsors
- The Instagram link (clicking on the Instagram icon)

In addiction, this year, there is the Skills Pentagon, as in the best sports game. Every event of Fantasy Sup Agenda has classified as Beach Race, Long Distance, Combined (beach race + long distance), Downwind or Surf. So any athlete who earns points during Downwind races will determine his value on the Downwind line of Skills Pentagon. At the end of the season will be interesting to look at which athlete presents the most complete Skills Pentagon.

If it sounds confusing, don't worry, just play and check the Statistics page during the season!

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