Fantasy Sup Preview - La Misteriosa Sup Race

Welcome to the Fantasy SUP Preview, where you'll find some helpful hints before the kick off of La Misteriosa Sup Race in Gran Canaria.

This Year Fantasy Sup Team will challenge you showing its top 8 men and 6 women chosen by our Staff. Can you perform better?

Paolo Marconi (Italy) and Susak Molinero (Spain) took the win the last year, so you can't miss to add them into your Team. Also the 2018 runner-up Esteban Medina (Spain) and Esperanza Barreras will be in Gran Canaria, so they are a good chose for your line up.

The Italian gang will be huge with Martino RogaiDavide Ionico and Francesco Mazzei who can earn good points for your Team. In the female our tips is to take a look on the Czech Republic girls that are in Gran Canaria to smash it all. But good riders from Spain  will be there as Oscar Ruiz and Jaran Rodriguez and from Netherlands as Ricardo Haverschmitd and Petronella Van Malsen

Below the Fantasy Sup Team Line Up, can you perform better? 

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