Final Leaderboard Updated

Dear Fantasy Suppers,
with the results from APP Paris Sup Open the first Fantasy Sup season is definitely over.  

First of all THANK YOU for have played with us.

Let's take a look on the Leaderboard updated with the 2018 Male and Female Fantasy Sup winners.
Paris Sup Open - #16 stop Fantasy Sup 2018

2018 numbers: 16 races - 19245 & 16940 to win

The first Fantasy Sup season has been a blast! With 16 races scheduled the average points to win have been 1203 (male Leaderboard) and 1059 (female Leaderboard). If you were able to stay close to these points for sure you'll be a great contender for upcoming 2019 season.

Carolina Cup - #1 stop Fantasy Sup 2018

Ready for more action?

Stay tuned with Fantasy Sup 2018. We are working hard to take the game to the next level. If you have any suggestion or you want to promote your SUP brand or activity through our website, write us at and we'll happy to talk with you.

Have a great 2018 ending and new year beginning!  

Pacific Paddle Games - #10 stop of Fantasy Sup 2018

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